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4Seasons Transportation

4Seasons Transportation carries students living with disabilities to school in a safe, calm and compassionate way. For 20 years, we have provided barrier-free transportation in Calgary and area for students living with a broad spectrum of motor and cognitive challenges, illness and injury.

It is of our deepest belief that this reward, returning something so invaluable to the communities around us, that drives our need to continue to fulfill and exceed the expectations in our industry.

We continuously look at how we can best improve not only on the delivery of our services but in the experiences of our children and of our staff. Our philosophy has never lost sight of this, the reward in providing our students consistently safe and seamless transportation. From our humble roots to our ever-growing reach, we place a strict emphasis on quality and training mirrored in every aspect of our business.


Providing safe, calm, and compassionate school bus transportation to students living with disabilities.



To affect change in the lives of students with disabilities by being the leading accessible school bus company.



We are committed to the highest quality of transportation by maintaining safety-motivated training, standards and procedures.


We cultivate and practice attitudes of care and empathy towards students, each other and our communities.


We create and maintain best practices within the transportation industry and disability field, and provide our people with opportunities for growth and personal development.


We are continually responsive to and supportive of our students, their needs and our communities.


4Seasons started services in 2002 when the company’s founder began driving a young boy with autism to school and back. The child had no options because regular busing could not accommodate him. The founder quickly identified a gaping hole in the transportation sector and began hiring other drivers to take children with special needs to school. Since its inception, 4Seasons has grown exponentially from a one-person to 450-person company with its commitment to continuously improving the quality of transportations for the special needs community.

Since its inception, 4Seasons has provided a critical service link to a number of organizations including school boards, seniors facilities, hospitals and family services. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and finding solutions to some of the most challenging transportation situations. In doing so, we have proven that people with severe challenges can be accommodated with safe and reliable transportation.

We truly believe that we make a difference in the lives of the people we serve. This belief shapes our values, how we operate our business and the way our company continues to evolve and grow.  Over the past two decades, 4Seasons has grown exponentially from a one-person to 450-person company with its commitment to continuously improving the quality of transportation for students living with disabilities.



2022 Inspiring Workplace Award.

Celebrates the top 50 workplaces across North America and shines a spotlight on inspiring organizations for incredible accomplishments.


2021 ITAS Excellence in Transportation and Automotive Award.

Recognizes a select few high-performing businesses from around the world for innovation and industry impact.


2018 City of Calgary Accessible Transportation Award.

Celebrates and recognizes Calgarians who are improving the quality of life for persons with disabilities, making transportation more inclusive in our community.


2018 City of Calgary Commerce Award.

Recognizes a Calgary business for making significant community and industry contributions as well as bringing recognition to Calgary.