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Celebrating Amazing Work Cultures in Canada

Every year, SupportingLines celebrates top organizations across Canada that have attained distinguished results in its High-Performance Index™ (HPI) assessment with its High-Performance Culture Award. In 2021, SupportingLines selected just 8 organizations from across Canada for top work cultures. Named amongst this year’s awards recipients is 4Seasons Transportation!

SupportingLines’ HPI assessment is a comprehensive survey that determines whether an organization has a high-performance culture where teams achieve critical goals and people have a great human experience of work. It assesses employee engagement, the employee experience, employee satisfaction, psychological safety and operational performance.

When an entire organization achieves a high HPI score, leaders and teams are truly living the values of the organization and creating an environment in which people can thrive. In other words, the High-Performance Culture Award recognizes and celebrates companies whose very own employees agree – these are amazing places to work.

Why 4Seasons Transportation has a High-Performance Culture

4Seasons Transportation carries students living with disabilities to school in a safe, calm and compassionate way. It’s 4Seasons’s vision to affect change in the lives of students with disabilities by being the leading accessible school bus company.

4Seasons Transportation’s commitment to continuously improving the school bus experience for students living with disabilities and that of their employees has come through in the results of each of their past HPI assessments, in which they have landed distinguished results with an average employee engagement and satisfaction score of more than 80%.

“We are honoured to be recognized nationally for our top work culture! Our people are at the heart of our organization, and it’s because of them, that we’re able to empower students living with disabilities on a daily basis and positively impact as many lives as we can. It’s why we’re focused on creating a caring, fun, engaging and meaningful culture for our employees through a high level of support, ongoing events and open communication. To our dedicated employees: thank you for all you do. We simply couldn’t do it without you!” – Brooke Garcia, CEO, 4Seasons Transportation

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