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2021 Q’Straint Awards

Each year, the world leader in wheelchair and occupant securement, Q’Straint, recognizes individuals for leading practices in passenger securement with its Securement Heroes awards.

Q’Straint Securement Heroes go above and beyond to secure mobility passengers and make sure it’s done right. They show up when we need them and are someone we can depend on to keep us safe. In the transportation industry, Securement Heroes make safety accessible for everyone.

This year, just a few individuals in all of North America were recognized for excellence in passenger securement. Amongst those named Q’Straint Securement Heroes are two 4Seasons Transportation Instructors: Lubna and Randy.

“Together Lubna and Randy have trained thousands of people, building Transfer Care Specialist skills and ensuring everyone feels confident and proud of the work they do,” says Grace Millar, Safety, Student Management and Training Manager, 4Seasons Transportation. “We are grateful to have such amazing leaders at 4Seasons teaching best practices in transporting students with disabilities.”

With years of providing securement training and hands-on experience, 4Seasons Instructors Lubna and Randy are experts in transporting students living with disabilities to school in a safe, calm and compassionate way.

Congratulations to 4Seasons team members Lubna and Randy on being recognized as Q’Straint Securement Heroes!

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