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In 2022, 4Seasons Driving Evaluator Don Wilson received one of the highest honours: a Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Metal from the Ministry of Alberta Transportation.

The Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee Medal is a tangible way to publicly acknowledge the work and dedication of those Albertans who are actively contributing to our province and country and to pay tribute to the example set by Her Late Majesty throughout her lifetime.

Don received the below letters of congratulations from the Government of Alberta:

“This medal is awarded to residents of Alberta who have made a significant contribution to Canada, Alberta, their communities, or fellow citizens,” says Honourable Prasad Panda ECA, Mister of Transportation. “As you have demonstrated exceptional qualities and outstanding service to our Province in the transportation industry, I am pleased to share that Alberta Transportation has nominated you to receive this honour as a lasting recognition of your dedication and service.”

“In granting you this honour, I thank you for your dedicated service to your peers, to your community, to Alberta and to Canada,” says The Honourable Salma Lakhani, AEO, LLD, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta. “The contributions you have made to our Province are highly commendable and deserve our praise and admiration. May you wear this Medal with justified pride in your own accomplishments, in commemoration of this significant milestone in the history of the Crown in Canada, and in remembrance of our late Sovereign. I wish to convey to you the heartfelt congratulations of your fellow Alberta, to which I add my own.”

In late 2022, Don and just 14 other Albertans were invited to a ceremony to recognize their significant contributions to the province.

“The Deputy Minister and senior staff from Alberta Transportation were at the event, and I felt so honoured,” says Don Wilson, Driving Evaluator, 4Seasons Transportation. “I was surprised…is this real? I feel so honoured. It’s hard to fathom.”

Don has been involved in the transportation safety industry for more than 35 years, and has contributed to the strategic management and regulatory advice with organizations such as Alberta Transportation and the Alberta Motor Transportation Association. He has made a lasting impact on the safety and transportation of Albertans through his roles as a District Supervisor, Chief Driver Examiner, and Director of Driver Programs and Licensing Standards.

Don started in the transportation industry as an Owner-Operator of a small trucking business across Canada. After several years in the business, he decided to bring his skills to commercial drivers in training. His interest in transportation began as a young child with role models in the industry.

“I grew up with transportation, says Don, Evaluator, 4Seasons Transportation. “I used to ride trains with my dad, and I had two uncles who had farms. I spent summers there and grew up driving the grain truck on the farms. Transportation is engrained in me. Safety as well… focusing on the right way to do things. I now have an eye for conducting compliance audits. I also love reading and interpreting transportation regulations in my spare time.”

Don has been with 4Seasons for several years as a Driving Evaluator. He brings his expertise and commitment to School Bus Drivers to ensure students living with disabilities are transported to school safely and with the utmost care.

Congratulations Don on this incredible achievement and thank you for all you do for Albertans!

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