Apply as a School Bus Driver

6 employees found out they won $1,000 each for completing driving and disability awareness training!

A big thank you to every Transfer Care Specialist (both School Bus Drivers and Attendants) who completed training this summer in preparation for the 2020-2021 school year. We are so grateful to have such a committed team carrying our students to and from school with the utmost care.

4Seasons is proud to be the leading provider of transportation for children with special needs in Calgary, and training is an integral part of providing the best support.

Congratulations to our winners Vaibhavu, Ellen, Shahnaaz, David, Gloria and Duk Haeng who each just found out they are receiving $1000 for training completion!

“This is such a lovely surprise,” says Shanaaz. “I plan to give to charity first and then use the rest for something else later.”

“I’m still in shock!” exclaims Duk Haeng. “I screamed when I found out, and my whole family screamed at the dinner table.” Duk Haeng plans to use her winnings to fly to see her mom in South Korea. She adds: “I cannot explain how happy I am.”

Hats off to our wonderful Transfer Care Specialists on finishing training to become Special Needs Driver with 4Seasons, and to our 6 lucky winners.

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