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Have You Thought About Becoming a School Bus Driver?

There are many benefits to being a School Bus Driver you might not be aware of. Being School Bus Driver isn’t just a job, and it’s not just about driving a bus. Some of the most rewarding parts of the position come from creating connections with students and making a positive impact in the community.


Part-Time Work

Part-time work opportunities are not easy to come by, but school bus driving happens to be one of them. School bus routes run a few hours in the mornings and afternoons Monday to Friday. This means more time for what matters most to you – whether it’s volunteering, studying, working on a new business idea or catching up on errands. School bus driving is perfect for entrepreneurs, parents, retirees, students or anyone looking for a part-time career.


Summers & Holidays Off

Say goodbye to working summers and holidays and hello to spending time with your family and friends. School Bus Drivers only work while school is in session from September to June, so you only work part of the year too. Drivers have plenty of time off during the school year, with winter and spring breaks, and PD days. Plus, Your kids will have the same days off that you do!


Bring Your Kids to Work

School bus driving is one of the very few careers where every day is bring your kid to work day. It’s a fantastic job for parents because many school bus routes allow drivers to bring their children aboard daily, which means big savings on childcare costs. Plus, parents can enjoy spending more time with their little ones and keep them in tow as they go about their daily work.


Complimentary Training & Certifications

You don’t need any previous experience as a School Bus Driver to land this position. What you need is to be a caring, reliable and a safe driver with a good record. School Bus Driver training provides the rare opportunity for free training and certifications that you can take with you for the rest of your career. You’ll receive formal training to gain your commercial driving license at no cost, which is a big investment in your future.


A Caring Culture

When you become a School Bus Driver, you may be the only one behind the wheel, but you’re not alone! You’re joining an engaging and supportive community of caring drivers. If you join a school bus company with a positive corporate culture, you’ll find your role more rewarding than you imagined. Not only will you build incredible bonds within the organization, you’ll create meaningful relationships with the students transported, their families and school staff too!


A Positive Impact in the Community

School Bus Drivers work in the communities they live in and serve students and families they know. Families and schools depend on drivers every day to safely transport students with disabilities to school each day, so they arrive calm and in good spirits. School Bus Drivers serve a special purpose in the lives of students with disabilities by ensuring they receive equal access to education so they can reach their full potential.


School Bus Drivers spend their time connecting with students, families and school staff, so it’s a great job for a people person. If you’re looking for a job that makes a difference in the community, being a School bus Driver might be just what you’re looking for!


Interested in working as a School Bus Driver?

Apply today to join the 4Seasons Transportation team in Calgary and empower students living with disabilities.


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