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Meet Callum.

He’s a 15-year-old student in Calgary, and 4Seasons has been transporting him to and from his specialized school program for three school years.

Callum loves cars, buses and brightly coloured socks. He’s incredibly detail-oriented and has an amazing ability to recall vast amounts of specific information. Nothing gets past Callum without notice.

Callum & Gregg’s Incredible Friendship

Gregg is Callum’s driver, and the two are best of buds. Gregg began driving Callum at the beginning of the previous school year, and the two bonded instantly.

“I like him a lot,” says Callum. “We talk about cars, BMWs and school.”

Callum and Gregg have built a strong bond during rides to and from school. The two share witty banter and discuss their shared interests, which makes commutes go by quickly.

In addition to a shared interest in vehicles, the two even wear matching shirts and coordinate outfits. One of their favourite colours to wear together is pink!

Only the Best for Callum

Gregg goes above and beyond for Callum, who he endearingly calls “Mr. Callum.”

Gregg makes photo albums of 4Seasons’ school buses for Callum, so he can memorize all of the vehicle makes, models and unit numbers. Callum is kept up-to-date with the latest addition of any vehicles to 4Seasons’ fleet and doesn’t miss a beat.

In the winter, Gregg warms up the van for Callum. He even heats up the seat, brings a blanket and hot water bottle to make sure Callum has cozy rides to school during Calgary’s cold snowy months.

While Gregg is Callum’s driver, his role in Callum’s life goes far beyond just driving him to school. Callum and Gregg have developed a meaningful, life-long friendship that all started with a ride to school.

Make a difference in the lives of students with disabilities. Find out more about the role of a Van or School Bus Driver in Calgary.

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