With students on the verge of going back to school, there are jobs to be had getting them there.

Wednesday, 4Seasons Transportation launched a campaign to hire bus drivers to service routes across Calgary and Rocky View County in the coming school year.

“People are really opening their minds to what this position might offer for their family.”  said Collen Ledene, the company’s recruitment manager. “It’s flexible, it allows them to work in the morning for a bit and the afternoon for a bit.”

Ledene added that this gives parents the flexibility with their own schedule because they’ll have time during the day to do whatever they want.

“You can also have your kids on the bus so you can save on childcare.” said Ledene

Ledene added that  that 4Seasons Transportation is really excited for a new contract with Providence School, which means they’ll need even more bus drivers for this coming school year than in past years.

4Seasons Transportation is having a daily hiring fair Monday to Saturday from August 11 to September 1, 10 a.m. to noon at their office.

For more information and to apply, click here. Or, see the original article on CTV Calgary.