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A Collection of School Materials to Help Families in Need

Calgary-based 4Seasons Transportation held its second school supply drive in a week on Thursday, September 2. The company, which says it has seen a growing number of families in need, will redistribute donations to nonprofits specializing in helping children with disabilities.

In front of the premises of 4Seasons Transportation, there are about twenty filled backpacks on a table. Behind, hung on the wall, a banner which reads “collecting school supplies”. The inscription is visible from the road to call out to drivers passing by in the area

Carin McCowan stops to drop off a few backpacks she just bought at some nearby stores. Inside, pencil cases, pens, coloured pencils, notebooks, even a toque, gloves and hand sanitizing gel. “I think it’s very important to support our students in a number of ways. This gift comes from the heart, ” she explains.

Kersti Rasmussen, Marketing & Communications Manager at 4Seasons Transportation, says dozens and dozens of backpacks full of supplies have been collected.


Poverty Grows in Calgary

These donations will soon be distributed to several organizations such as the Calgary Down Syndrome Association, the Society for the Treatment of Autism and other organizations for children with disabilities.

Kersti Rasmussen, Marketing & Communications Manager at 4Seasons Transportation, says the company has seen more families need essential supplies. Rasmussen says this initiative is particularly important now.

“Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen families need more essential supplies, including school supplies. It can be quite expensive to buy a backpack with everything you need like calculators, satchels, notebooks.” – Kersti Rasmussen

The company says it is based on a study by Vibrant Communities Calgary. This study, published in October 2020, indicated that 70,000 Calgarians had fallen into poverty during the pandemic.

See the original article (in French) on CBC Radio’s website.

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