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Meet Jake.

He’s a high school student in Calgary, and 4Seasons has been transporting him to and from school for the past three years.

Jake loves pie, long outdoor walks with his mom and when the school bus goes over bumps. That makes him smile and laugh – a lot.

Every morning and afternoon, Jake gets to spend time with his two friends: Roraina and Ronald, who just happen to be 4Seasons Transportation employees. The two support Jake and make sure he has the best school bus rides, starting and ending his school days just right.

Roraina and Ronald play music for Jake, tell him jokes and play games, all to make sure he has a fun time on the school bus. They enjoy quality time with him during the ride, and even spend their weekends and evenings baking desserts and treats for Jake and his family.

Jake is so much more than just a passenger for School Bus Driver, Ronald and School Bus Attendant, Roraina. On holidays, they give him presents and every year, they remember Jake’s birthday, presenting him with gifts to celebrate the day and make it even more special.

Jake’s mom, Tammy, has nothing but glowing reviews for the 4Seasons team.

“Ronald and Roraina are simply wonderful,” she says.

“It makes my day so much better knowing my little man is in such good hands on his journey to and from school each day! They both go above and beyond each and every day. To see his smile when they arrive back home tells me how much he likes both Ronald and Roraina!”

Before 4Seasons, Tammy didn’t always know when the school bus was going to arrive, or if it was going to show up: “I remember one cold, winter day, I was waiting outside with Jake for the school bus, and it never came.”

“With 4Seasons, I always know exactly when Jake is going to get picked up or dropped off, and I know they will always arrive on time. she says. “I have such an amazing School Bus Team and I know I can trust them to look after my most precious person.”

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