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Celebrating the Importance & Role of School Bus Staff in Education

February is Love the Bus Month! The month-long event celebrates the importance and role of School Bus Staff in education by safely and compassionately transporting students to and from school every day.

This month, we want to give a special thanks to Accessible School Bus Staff who support students living with disabilities. Without specialized school bus transportation, children living with disabilities might not be able to make it to school or they might not have an enjoyable school transportation experience. Accessible School Bus Staff create positive school bus rides for students with disabilities, so they arrive at school safely, in good spirits and ready to learn.

This Love the Bus Month, take a moment to thank and celebrate School Bus Staff for the important role they play in education, our communities, and all that they do.

“When children have equal access to education regardless of their mental or physical challenges, we’re creating a more inclusive society,” says Brooke Garcia, CEO, 4Seasons Transportation. “Our staff help relieve the stress parents face in transporting their children to and from school while managing their work schedules. When children are able to go to school, parents can go to work, make an income and families can thrive.”

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