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The first Monday in May is School Bus Driver Appreciation Day

Join us today, May 4, 2021, as we celebrate School Bus Driver Appreciation Day across Alberta. This special day of recognition provides students, teachers and families with the opportunity to celebrate School Bus Drivers and thank them for all that they do.

Every school day, students, families and school staff all over Alberta count on School Bus Drivers to provide caring and safe rides to and from school. School Bus Drivers are influential role models students look up to. They’re an important part of the school community and ensure every child arrives at school on time, in good spirits and ready to learn.

These dedicated individuals drive countless kilometres each year. They wake up early in the dark hours of the morning, rain, snow or shine. When they pull up to each student’s home, they arrive with a friendly smile and big wave.  Heavy snow, rain, wind or fog don’t stop School Bus Drivers, who put students first and make sure they arrive safely at their destination, no matter the weather.

School Bus Drivers care greatly for what they do and the students they support. Their dedication to the community is truly appreciated.

“I want to thank all School Bus Drivers for their commitment to the care and safety of students: our most precious cargo,” says Brooke Garcia, CEO, 4Seasons Transportation. “I encourage everyone to take some time to recognize School Bus Drivers in their communities. School Bus Drivers hold an important role in students’ lives by providing compsassionate and safe transportation to school every day, enabling students to go to school and learn, and empowering children’s futures.”

Today and throughout the year, take a moment to recognize how important School Bus Drivers are to students’ success at school. Join us in recognizing and celebrating our dedicated School Bus Drivers. This School Bus Driver Appreciation Day, make your School Bus Driver a card, drawing or painting to thank them for all they do, take a moment to tell your School Bus Driver how much you appreciate them or give a School Bus Driver a sweet treat like a cookie or cupcake.

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