Apply as a School Bus Driver

Giggles, purpose, learning & connection.

At 4Seasons, we know that being a School Bus Driver or School Bus Attendant is so much more than just a job. Our Drivers and Attendants are caregivers, friends, mentors and role models, which is why we collectively call them Transfer Care Specialists as they transport children living with disabilities to school safely and with the utmost care.

Being a Transfer Care Specialist brings giggles, purpose, learning and connection to our people, who simply love what they do. Here’s what they have to say about their roles:

“I always look forward to seeing the kids we drive. My favourite part is when they laugh at the little things and when they get all excited about their days. Listening to them and being able to connect with them is definitely something I love to do.” – Tahira

“I think our reliable, friendly school bus rides have made a difference” – Jamie

“I love getting to know the students and their parents. I love building the relationships that they have with me and my son. We even all started singing Frosty the Snowman on the first snowfall.” – Jorgen

“I love the opportunity and challenge of finding ways to connect with the kiddos on my bus. Knowing that I am not only helping them to get to school but helping their families too is very rewarding.” – Kim

“Having fun with the kids and all the giggles.” – Jennifer

“My favourite thing about being a Transfer Care Specialist is helping others in the community, making a difference in the children’s’ and parents’ days and seeing smiles from everyone.  I love the 4Season Transportation atmosphere and being able to bring my little ones!” – Melissa

“Seeing children every day is my happiness. They are like family to me: precious. I love interacting with them, their parents and getting to know one another” – Jin

Join our caring and diverse culture and enjoy a meaningful position that enriches our community. Learn about our open positions and see how you can make a difference in the lives of students living with disabilities.

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