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Meet Yordanos.

She’s a School Bus Attendant with 4Seasons. Not only that, she’s a mom of four, certified makeup artist and Justice Studies student at Bow Valley College. This is her story.

Tell us about your role as a School Bus Attendant.

I’ve been with 4Seasons Transportation for about two years as a School Bus Attendant. The first year with the company, I brought my youngest child, my 4-year-old, to work with me on the school bus. It was really nice to spend time with him during the day on the bus while he was young. Now that my son is in Kindergarten, I’m finished work by the time he’s done with school for the day.

What does a day in the life of a School Bus Attendant look like?

Every weekday, I wake up early to get a workout in before I get my kids ready for school. Once my kids are off to class, I start work at around just before 8:00 am when the bus comes to pick me up at my house for the route. After the morning route is done, I clean my house, cook and focus on my studies. In the afternoon, I’m back on the school bus and home before 4:00 pm. Being a part-time School Bus Attendant leaves me with free evenings and weekends, so I can spend time with my family or I can book makeup appointments for weddings and other events.

During the rides to and from school, I support each of the kids. It’s an amazing job. I get to say hi to all of the parents, take the kids on the bus and care for the students during the ride. The kids all know I’m there for them. I have a strong connection with them and this is my second year working with many of the students on the school bus.

I make sure each child feels supported and cared for, and that they have a fun ride to school. The kids are very lively!

How do you think you’re making a difference?

I think I’m making a difference in the lives of the children with special needs we drive every day.

In my role, I’m helping the parents and giving them a break. I get to help take the kids to school, where they play, learn and make friends. I’m always thinking about the kids I transport daily, even during school breaks. They’re a part of my life.

I feel so proud to be trusted by parents and schools to let me transport kids living with disabilities to and from school.

What makes you excited to get up every morning?

I love working with children and I’m very motivated to help others.

4Seasons has a great atmosphere and I love working with everyone in the company. It’s a team environment, and everyone cares. There’s room for learning and growth within the organization, and lots of laughter every single day.

Make a difference in the lives of students with disabilities. Find out more about the role of a School Bus Attendant in Calgary.

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