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Meet Tessa.

She’s a mom, owner of a hair salon and now a School Bus Driver with 4Seasons Transportation. When Tessa’s home-based business and child’s daycare closed due to COVID-19, she turned her hardship into success. This is her story.


How were you impacted by COVID-19?

I have a home-based hair salon, and during COVID-19, I had to shut down my salon for a while.

I’m also a single mom with a 4-year-old daughter and 8-month-old son. I couldn’t send my daughter to a day home when it closed due to COVID-19.

With my business on hold, and my daughter’s day home closed, I was in a predicament.


How did you decide to become a School Bus Driver?

I found out about 4Seasons Transportation on Instagram and applied as a School Bus Driver right away. I really liked that I could bring my kids to work.

Now I can save on childcare costs and am still able to do things with my kids during the day. Now that businesses have re-opened in Calgary, I can now also take clients at my salon during the day and in the evening too. It’s a great thing to have two sources of income.


What do you enjoy about the job?

I like that 4Seasons is so caring for their employees and the students with disabilities they transport every day.  The company wants to see its people succeed.


What would you tell people thinking about becoming a School Bus Driver?

You need to be passionate about what you do – working with children with special needs.

4Seasons looks out for everyone’s best interests and we have a lot of fun with movie nights, days at the beach, and dressing up for Halloween. It’s a blast!

Find out more about becoming a part-time School Bus Driver in Calgary, and how you can bring your kids to work with you. 

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