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Bringing Together the Calgary Community for Students in Need

Many families and individuals in Calgary have fallen into poverty during the pandemic. Vibrant Communities Calgary revealed that an additional 77,000 Calgarians fell into poverty in 2019: a 40% increase compared to the year before.

After hearing this news, 4Seasons Transportation felt compelled to help the community. The 4Seasons team launched a school supply drive, inviting employees and Calgarians to donate new school supplies to students in need, with donations going to organizations focused on children with disabilities. The goal of the drive was to help set students up for a successful school year while removing barriers preventing kids from participation and successful learning.

“At 4Seasons Transportation, our work goes far beyond transporting students safely. We’re dedicated to helping all students thrive,” says Brooke Garcia, CEO of 4Seasons Transportation. “We wanted to collect school supplies to help create equal opportunities for all children, which in turn creates brighter futures.”

In August and September, community members and 4Seasons employees rose to the occasion, giving their time and energy by carefully choosing school supplies to contribute – ranging from backpacks and notebooks to pencil crayons and lunch kits.


Thanks to the generosity of the Calgary community and 4Seasons employees, more than 50 backpacks stuffed with essential school supplies were donated to students with disabilities at Cerebral Palsy Kids and FamiliesUps and Downs Society, and Society for the Treatment of Autism.

“We are so thankful that 4Seasons Transportation chose us to be one of the recipients of their recent school supplies drive and we are excited to be able to provide our school, aged members, with backpacks filled with school supplies that they can use!” – Ups and Downs Society

“Thank you to 4Seasons Transportation for the donation of 10 back-to-school backpacks for our Residential clients. We are excited to put them to good use!” – Society for the Treatment of Autism

Thank you, Calgary! Thanks to each of you and your incredible donations, more than 50 students will receive all the essential school supplies they need for a successful year. Here’s to the 2021-2022 school year and creating brighter futures!

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