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The Best School Bus Memories

This school year was unlike any other, and it brought so many memorable moments for our team of Transfer Care Specialists as we transported students living with disabilities to school in a safe, calm and compassionate way. When we asked our School Bus Drivers and School Bus Attendants to share the best thing that happened on the school bus this year, these are the memories they described.

“Sharing two of my kiddos birthdays. I decorated the bus, made treat bags for everyone and gave the birthday kids a gift. It was fun to see how excited I made them feel on their special days.” – Trina

“The best thing that happened in my school bus is when my normally non-verbal kids start talking to each other, and I can’t understand a word they say. It amused me because I encourage them to talk to one another.” – Rosendo

“Getting hugs from the kids that I had trouble with for a couple of days and being told that I was the best driver that they had ever had by a group of troubled teens.” – Donna

“Getting on the bus every day was the best thing that happened because every day brought a new adventure and smiles to our students, parents, attendant, and the driver. Love the experiences. It is a joy to drive.” – David

“Our non-verbal little gal, mostly cried to and from school every day since September. Now, she happily screeches and laughs and smiles. She has the sweetest little smile, which melts my heart.” – Wanda-Jane

“In the beginning, some of the kids didn’t want to respond or listen, but as time has passed, they love to smile and give high fives.” – Shaliza

“The most exciting thing that has happened is that a girl on my bus who has not spoken all year and who I thought was non-verbal has started to speak to me in the last few weeks. What a pleasant surprise! Now every morning she points out to me special things she’s wearing and especially her favourite thing, unicorns.” – Paula

“Watching each child grow and improve little by little every day.” – Sharilyn

“Every day and every minute I have been on the bus with the kids, watching how much they have grown, learned and taught me throughout the year. Whether it was a child that didn’t talk at the beginning of the year to now telling me what they did on the weekends to hugs and songs and laughter, I will miss them over the summer.” – Liz

We are so grateful to have spent mornings and afternoons with the students we transport and to have the privilege of watching them grow, learn and thrive every day and throughout the entire school year. Our School Bus Drivers and School Bus Attendants will miss them greatly over the summer, but we’re excited to see them all back in the fall.

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