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Meet Mia.

She’s a mom of three, a Driver with 4Seasons Transportation by day and a Computer Drafting Design Consultant by night. When Mia lost her full-time job in oil and gas, she decided to take on a new role that gave her more flexibility and time to explore her interests, skill sets and live her life. This is her story.

What do you like about being a Driver?

I really like the flexibility – I’m my own boss! I get to the school and pick up the kids…it’s very independent. I like driving. I like the students. I get really close with the students and parents and bond with them really well. You want parents to feel secure that you’re bringing their kids to school.

I’ve been driving one student, Caden, for three years. We bond over lots and have great conversations. He’s a very smart kid and very outgoing.

My youngest son also comes on the route with me, and he goes to the same school as Caden. It’s convenient to be able to take my own kid to school and earn an income while doing so!

Tell us more about your interests!

In the day, I drive the van for a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the afternoon. The mid-day break lets me catch up on household work like cleaning, cooking or just gives me time to relax.

I also make jewellery and scented candles when I have free time. Sometimes I do it while I’m waiting at the school for the students.

During evenings, I’ll take on computer drafting design work and I play on a Calgary women’s soccer league. Being a part-time Driver, I get to do a lot of different things and use my different skill sets. Life’s short and I’ve got to do a lot of things!

What makes 4Seasons unique for you?

I’ve been a School Bus Driver for more than 5 years with 4Seasons! The difference is here everyone cares. The team follows up with support, has great training and hosts lots of social events.

It’s also nice we just drive vans or small school buses at 4Seasons. I’ve driven for another school bus company before and it’s hard to maneuver the big yellow buses! I also like the small vehicles with less kids, so you get to know just a few kids really well. It was hard to get to know the kids when I was driving more than 15 of them.

When I was driving for another company, I also couldn’t bring my youngest child on the school bus route with me, which is another big reason I’ve been at 4Seasons for more than 5 years. It’s a great way to spend time with him and earn an income.

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