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Nurturing the Planet One Tree at a Time

This fall, 4Seasons Transportation employees volunteered alongside Tree Canada and the Town of Carstairs to plant 125 trees at a school park enjoyed by students and families in the community of Carstairs, Alberta.

On a Saturday afternoon, the 4Seasons team put on their gardening gloves and picked up shovels to dig new holes and create homes for 125 birch, white spruce and dogwood trees. Thanks to the efforts of 4Seasons volunteers in nurturing the planet one tree at a time, children can keep playing in the school park with a newly planted forest. The endeavour is in an effort to nurture the land so students, families and communities can continue to enjoy the school park for generations to come.

“A big thanks to 4Seasons Transportation for being a community sponsor and helping us out. Tree planting has been challenging over the past several years with the pandemic, and the Town of Carstairs has had this project in the works and needed more trees. We were thankful to be able to match 4Seasons with the Town of Carstairs and Tree Canada to plant a small forest in the community. We will ensure the trees are well looked after and cared for as they continue to grow.” – Gerard Fournier, Southern Alberta Community Advisor, Tree Canada.

The tree planting event is all part of a bigger environmental plan and marks the beginning of 4Seasons official partnership with Tree Canada. Tree Canada is the leading national tree planting charity in Canada. They’re dedicated to improving the lives of Canadians by planting and nurturing trees while teaching about their value. Together with its tree-planting partners, the non-profit plants trees in many regions across Canada, including Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario. Alongside Tree Canada, 4Seasons is excited to green communities and create more clean air across the country.

Greening Communities

Tree Canada believes that the social, psychological, and economic benefits of Canada’s urban forests are worth preserving. Because of this, the non-profit has been dedicated to championing, stewarding and expanding urban forests for more than a quarter-century. Since 1992, Tree Canada has greened more than 700 communities throughout Canada. They have supported the greening of more than 700 schoolyards and planted more than 10,000 edible fruit and nut trees and shrubs in communities all across Canada to help fight urban food insecurity.

Growing Clean Air

Trees are one major natural way of cleaning carbon pollution from our air, sequestering it in the ground and helping to fight climate change. Tree Canada’s Grow Clean Air program allows Canadians to offset their carbon emissions through the planting of native trees in Canada. Whether for individuals or companies, carbon offsets (tCO2e) are calculated based on tree growth.

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