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Meet Arthur.

He’s been a School Bus Driver with 4Seasons Transportation for three years. Arthur used to run a restaurant in downtown Calgary. After he sold his business and retired, he got bored and found himself sitting on the couch and watching TV too often.

One of his friends told him about part-time jobs driving students with disabilities to school, so he applied to work at 4Seasons and joined the team!

How was training to become a School Bus Driver?

The Training Program was really great. You learn all sorts of things, like how to safely fasten seatbelts, secure wheelchairs on accessible school buses, and work with kids with disabilities. I really appreciate the training team!

At 4Seasons, they continually provide training and check everything each year, so you’re really supported and qualified to safely drive kids. It’s really important to do the training, especially after the long summer holidays!

Tell us about your role as a School Bus Driver.

For me, it’s about trying to get the students to school safely and on time. I really like working with the kids and talking with them. What the students talk about is always funny – from air pressure to airplanes and games. They’re really hilarious!

What does a day in the life of a School Bus Driver look like?

I work about 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon on school days. I pick up the students and drop them off at school and at home, and I do my best to make sure they are happy and always arrive on time.

In between my morning and afternoon routes, I go to the gym and spend 2 hours there. Then I have lunch, take a nap and get ready to go to the school to take the students home. I have lots of free time!

How do you think you’re making a difference?

I feel like I’m serving the community. The kids are happy and so are their parents. The parents thank me for the service and for providing daily support for the children. I always like to talk with the parents and the kids and get to know them.

Make a difference in the lives of students with disabilities. Learn more about the role of a School Bus Driver.

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