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Meet Greg.

He’s a small business owner who transitioned into semi-retirement as a School Bus Driver. This is his story.


How were you impacted by COVID-19?

Before COVID-19, I owned a top rate driving school in Calgary. I had been running the driving school for more than 25 years with my business partner, and we were looking at slowing down the business and retiring.

Once COVID-19 hit, business reduced considerably, and we decided it was time to close down shop. We didn’t know if we would be able to make it as a driving school past the pandemic and decided to move onto new endeavours.


How did you find out about 4Seasons Transportation?

My business partner stumbled across the 4Seasons Transportation website and sent me the link. When I went to the website homepage, I saw a past colleague featured and instantly knew it was a credible company. It was then I decided to apply as a School Bus Driver.

It felt so right and everything was falling into place. Everyone at 4Seasons was so nice – from HR to Training and the Operations Teams. Once I was hired, I jumped right into training at the same time I was closing my driving school business. Then I started my new job right away.


What are some of the benefits of being a School Bus Driver?

It’s a great semi-retirement job.

You can get your school bus routes done in the morning. Then you have the rest of the day for shopping, cleaning, lunch or hobbies, and then you go pick up the kids from school. You’re home before 4:30 or 5:00 pm! It breaks up the day nicely and you have lots of free time during the day and evening.


What do you enjoy about the job?

I really love the people and working with kids. You get to know the kids’ personalities and about their lives. It’s so gratifying that you’re able to pick these kids up and bring them to school where they’re furthering their knowledge and education. You’re also able to share a part of that experience as they grow up.

I just love meeting people and talking to people. That’s my personality.


What would you tell people thinking about applying?

I would tell individuals thinking about becoming a School Bus Driver that it’s a really nice lifestyle to have. It’s great for semi-retirement.

Also, don’t be intimidated. A lot of people are afraid of driving a school bus and the rules. It’s straightforward if you’ve been driving a car for a while, especially when you’re driving small buses like at 4Seasons. The training provided at 4Seasons Transportation is top notch. It was so well done and it equips you for everything you need to get your licence to drive a School Bus.

You’re never too old to learn!

Find out more about becoming a School Bus Driver in Calgary, and learn how you can enjoy semi-retirement with part-time work. 

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