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Our Feature Article with Growth Catalyst

It takes a special group of individuals to advocate for those who may not be able to do so for themselves. Whether it’s taking children to school or dropping off COVID-19 Care Packages, 4Seasons Transportation has successfully done their part, showcasing that not only is there always an opportunity to help out in the community, but you can turn these opportunities into your full-time job!

Our friends at ATB specifically nominated this company for Growth Catalyst, a program sparking organizational growth strategy execution, due to their “energetic, motivated, growing, and purpose-driven attributes and their ability to respond to the need for more seamless transportation for children that are challenged physically and cognitively and this is an amazing way to devote one’s energy and resources.”

We stopped by with CEO, Brooke Garcia, to learn more about 4Seasons and her experience in the Growth Catalyst program!

Can you tell us a little bit about 4Seasons Transportation?


4Seasons Transportation carries students living with disabilities to school in a safe, calm, and compassionate way.

For nearly twenty years, we have provided specialized transportation in Calgary and Rocky View for students living with a broad range of physical and cognitive challenges. Every one of the 4Seasons team members is part of a compassionate community of Transfer Care Specialists, who are specially trained to support and empower the students we transport every day.

Can you tell us about one of your services and what excites you the most about it?


What excites me about accessible school bus transportation is the impact it has in the lives of the students we transport and their families. Without specialized school bus transportation, children living with disabilities might not be able to make it to school or they might not have an enjoyable school transportation experience. Accessible transportation provides each child with a positive school bus ride, so they arrive at school in good spirits and ready to learn. It also ensures every child has an equal opportunity to education so they can reach their full potential. All children living with disabilities deserve the opportunity to go to school, develop meaningful connections and discover the world around them. When children are able to go to school, parents can go to work, make an income and families can thrive.

Can you share one key strategic growth opportunity that you uncovered through the program?


The Growth Catalyst program has encouraged us to think bigger and look at the opportunities to expand our potential and impact. For us at 4Seasons Transportation, our biggest growth opportunity is impacting the lives of as many children and families as we can. Growth Catalyst has brought our purpose to the forefront and strengthened our commitment to empowering students living with disabilities.

Our Time with 4Seasons Transportation!

This female-led team was met with our only female Coach, Anita Kemp, who had a fantastic time working with 4Seasons Transportation. Anita shared “Working with the 4Seasons team has been a privilege. They are not only an inspirational growth story in terms of revenue and job creation, but the impact they are having on the transportation industry and education community is life-changing for the children and families they serve. Throughout the program, the leadership team has navigated in a way that aligns with their core values of compassion and care. This has shown up not only in how the program has helped them with how to grow and where to grow, but it has helped them validate why they want to grow.”

Growth Plans and Expectations with 4Seasons Transportation!


The Growth Catalyst program has been a fantastic opportunity to challenge ideas, provoke new ways of thinking and refine our growth strategy. With the support of program leaders, coaches, and experts in marketing, sales, strategy, and innovation, we have strengthened 4Seasons Transportation’s collective plan and path towards the future. We are very grateful to be part of the Growth Catalyst program and thankful for the good it’s done within our organization.

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Rising Superstar Brooke Garcia and the 4Seasons Transportation team are constantly making waves in our city. Keep up with their employee features, ability to bring awareness to important issues, and more through their social media pages below!


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