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A Community Dedicated to Empowering Students Living with Disabilities

We are Drivers, Attendants, Supervisors, Operations, HR, Fleet and more. Together, we are all Transfer Care Specialists (TCSs) at 4Seasons Transportation. Each of us is part of a caring community dedicated to empowering students living with disabilities. Our commitment to transporting students in a safe, calm and compassionate way is what makes us TCSs.

Being a TCS isn’t about driving a school bus or getting the students from A to B. It’s about supporting the students in any way we can and making sure they feel joyful and safe as we transport them to and from school.

As TCSs, we are the friendly and familiar face that marks the beginning and end of each school day.  We are the ones children can rely on for a helping hand, a warm smile and a comforting shoulder to lean on. We listen. We help. We care. We’re there for the students. As TCSs, we hold a meaningful place in their lives as someone they can rely on. It’s a rewarding role and one we cherish.

Here’s what being a TCS means to the 4Seasons community:

“I feel goes a long way getting these kids to school safe, on time, giving them the opportunity to make new friends, as well as giving their parents a bit of respite, hope and the joy of seeing their kids learn more every day. It really does go a long way and I do believe in miracles. It’s a blessing being a TCS, and I have learnt a lot.” – Iretioluwa

“It’s a very rewarding experience. Seeing the kids with happy faces getting on the bus brightens my day and most of all, makes me appreciate life.” – Sheena

“It’s learning every day from the children about strength and courage.” – Lillian

“I love being a TCS. Driving one of our students to and from his program means the world to me. I love that when his day starts off bad, I can make him happy by the time he gets to his program. He has taught me so much and I love him with all my heart” – Debbie

“It means learning about our students to make the ride enjoyable for them so they can arrive happy.” – Solveig

“It’s very rewarding to serve this community. Taking the kids to school gives me the opportunity to become engaged in their world and be a part of their journey. Every day they bring joy and kindness to my life.” – Diana

Every one of us at 4Seasons is a TCS. While our roles vary from Attendants and Drivers to Supervisors and Operations, we are all collectively dedicated to supporting students with special needs during their school bus rides. All children with special needs deserve the opportunity to go to school, cultivate connections with others and discover the world around them. As TCSs, we are grateful to be a part of this journey.

Join our caring and diverse culture and enjoy a meaningful position that enriches our community. Learn about our open positions and see how you can make a difference in the lives of students living with disabilities.

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