Apply as a School Bus Driver

Training For Our School Bus Drivers

At 4Seasons Transportation we are committed to improving the school transit experience of children living with disabilities everywhere. This commitment begins with our School Bus Drivers. Our drivers are our front-line workers in the field interacting with the families we serve every day.

We aim to set up our professional drivers for success as much as possible. This not only includes the physical aspect of the job like routing, loading, and handling equipment; it also includes disability awareness training, special needs training, and first aid training to ensure that our drivers are equipped for emergency response.

Because of the nature of the job, our new hires for special needs bus drivers must complete a comprehensive and detailed training program. Our current drivers also receive ongoing training to ensure the safety of children during transport.

Disability Awareness And Special Needs Training

Our online and in-class school bus driver training program provides individuals with the knowledge and skills to provide a safe and comfortable commute for students living with disabilities.

As experts in the industry of special needs transportation, we equip you with:

  • A better understanding of disabling conditions
  • How to safely support individuals living with disabilities
  • Interpersonal skills for interacting with students, families, schools, and community members
  • Strategies on how to manage challenging behaviours

School Bus Driver Training

As a School Bus Driver, you must carry a Class 4 Commercial License in compliance with the Alberta Government. Our driver’s training program is designed to equip new hires and existing employees with protocols and information to properly transport children to and from school.

For the safety of drivers, children, families, and educators, 4Seasons Transportation provides:

  • Knowledge to ensure route success for safe and accessible transportation
  • A detailed policy for health and safety protection
  • Information needed to work safely with hazardous materials

Driver Awareness Road Training

All of our school bus drivers are trained to operate accessible vehicles, securement equipment, and policies/legislation for transporting children. As part of our commitment to set you up for success, our detailed road training includes:

  • Pre-trip inspections
  • Fuelling
  • Land guiding
  • Navigating narrow roads
  • Cleaning and sanitizing protocols
  • Safe driving in winter conditions
  • Risk mitigation

School Bus Driver Improvement Program (S-Endorsement)

For all School Bus Drivers, we provide S-Endorsement driver improvement training on safely transporting children with special needs.

Our extensive training program is designed to support our drivers out on the road providing services to the special needs community. Drivers can feel ready and confident to make a difference in the lives of the children that we work with every day.