Apply as a School Bus Driver

Specialized Group School Transport

Our goal is to make the ride to and from school as pleasant as possible for the children that we serve. Providing group school bus transportation for children living with disabilities presents unique challenges that our School Bus Drivers, Attendants and team members are trained for.

We are committed to creating a safe environment where children can arrive at school in good spirits and ready to learn. As one of the fastest-growing special needs transportation companies in Calgary, we are recognized experts and professionals in our field.

Accessible Transportation For Children With Special Needs

We stand behind the belief that families with children living with disabilities deserve an equal education. We believe that caregivers should be given the opportunity to go to work confident that their children are safely and properly transported. As experts in providing school bus transportation for children with special needs, our team makes sure that routing, pick up and drop off points and times, and specific equipment needs are reliable and consistent.

Some of the children that we serve are with us for years and naturally become a part of the extended 4Seasons Transportation family. The incredible connections that we make with families are a part of our success story. We consider the students we work with as more than just another passenger and our drivers recognize that they play a significant role in their daily lives.

Trained and Caring School Bus Drivers

For our group transportation services, we keep up with each child’s unique needs and specific requirements for a safe and proper commute to and from school. Our School Bus Drivers and Attendants must first complete our specialized 4Seasons Transportation training program. In this program, drivers learn pre-trip inspections, safe driving in all types of weather conditions, pick-up/drop-off protocols, and proper emergency response.

Our fleet of busses are equipped with a GPS tracking device, communication tools, and are routinely serviced for the safe and reliable transportation of special needs children. At 4Seasons Transportation, our drivers are not only trained with specific skills, but they must also demonstrate a set of strong soft skills to be considered for hire - including empathy, compassion, adaptability, patience, sensitivity, and integrity.

Collaboration And Open Communication

For us to be successful in our role in transporting children with disabilities in a caring and compassionate way, a collaborative approach and open communication is a must with caregivers and educators. We aim to create a trustworthy relationship with families and caregivers to ensure that reliable and effective services are provided.

We address any concerns openly and work together to prioritize the needs of the children that we serve. As a part of our commitment to improving the quality of transportation service for all individuals with special needs, we value honest and open communication.