Apply as a School Bus Driver

Specialized Individual School Transport

At 4Seasons Transportation, our commitment is to make sure that the individual needs of students are met. This includes providing individual transportation for children that is safe, secure, and reliable. Our priority is for the students we serve to arrive at school comfortably, in good spirits, and ready to learn.

We work with special needs schools and school boards with diverse learner programs to provide individual transportation services. Our individual special needs school busing serves students living with disabilities and their families, who are provided with an individual support plan.

Caregivers and educators can be confident that the commute to and from school is a safe and comfortable one with trained drivers who put the needs of students first.

Safe School Transportation For Students With Disabilities

What makes 4Seasons Transportation successful is that our team has the experience and expertise to provide accessible transportation for students with disabilities. Our company is built on these values – safety, compassion, leadership and adaptability.

We empathize with the challenges and complexities that families face when it comes to finding childcare and services for children with special needs. We believe in hiring individuals who approach their role with compassion. We understand that students living with disabilities aren’t and shouldn’t be placed in the same spectrum.

These foundations allow us to continue providing safe school bus transportation that is a part of a much bigger purpose when it comes to serving families and students with disabilities.

Trained and Compassionate School Bus Drivers

When we hire School Bus Drivers, we don’t only look at the technical skills that make them the right fit for the company. Compassion, empathy, adaptability, communication skills, dependability, and conflict resolution skills are just a few of the soft skills that we give incredible attention to. This is what makes a difference at 4Seasons Transportation and how we choose to make a greater impact in the industry.

Our School Bus Drivers are trained to safely transport students in buses that are run through a pre-trip check every day. Each bus in our fleet is equipped with a GPS tracking device that ensures drivers are driving cautiously for the safety of children. Drivers are also accountable for wearing safety equipment including safety vests and ice grippers.

Communicating With Caregivers And Educators

The commute to and from school could be the difference between a student who arrives at school calm and ready to learn, or the reason that they start their day off on the wrong foot. For this reason, we approach our work as more than solely a school bus transportation company and the children we serve as more than another passenger.

To be successful in our role in transporting students living with disabilities in a caring and compassionate way, open and transparent communication with children’s caregivers and educators is a must. We address every concern with care and attention, and we collaborate with caregivers and educators to ensure that the children we serve are set up for success in their day-to-day lives.

Families can be confident that the safety and comfort of their children are valued.